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Meet The Maker


I am Kimberly,  Cleveland based Jewelry Maker, who transformed her dining room into a design lab and well, here we are together.  I started Virgo Voodoo in October of 2015, at first it was just a way for me to make jewelry to match my personal style.  See, I tend to sway towards the more eclectic side of the style spectrum.   I needed the right piece to compliment it.  

 During that time I began my journey to self-discovery. While on the road to fully loving and understanding ME, I met and connected with some powerful women. Their infectious confidence and unapologetic sense of style was like "Voodoo" to me.  I couldn't help but to be inspired.  The more I became inspired, the more the designs came flooding. I knew then I had to share and  at that moment I seen Virgo Voodoo as a brand.  

 I am inspired by EVERYTHING and I incorporate that inspiration into every design. Nature, colors, shapes, even different cultures, all of those elements push me to create effortless looks.   

After the shower, the hair and makeup, even after the countless outfit changes, when you look in the mirror, love what you see, and it impacts how you feel; My dear, that's VOODOO! No magic. No tricks. All Style.